Interruption Cost Calculator
Interruptions are a normal part of a knowledge worker's day, but how much do
they cost organizations? Use this calculator to find out.

The Quadrennial Defense Review Report (2010) has been released:
Quadrennial Defense Review Report

Staff Meeting Calculator
How much time is spent in your organization on staff meetings?

Unemployment Rates: A look at the unemployment rate through the years.
November and December Average Unemployment Rates Make the Holidays Uncertian.

Article of the week: "Gross Domestic Product a Nation's Health Gauge"
America is number one, but for how long?

The Gross Domestic Product (GDP) of a nation is a gauge used to judge their economic health and really their world status. The United States has the highest single country GDP, but in recent years the GDP rankings have had some significant changes. The European Union's collective GDP has surpassed the United States' GDP as the world's largest. The European Union is not a direct threat to the United States, but they are an economic threat. Their threat comes from competition for resources. Their needs counter our productivity and raise prices. They are not our enemy, but they do cause us many problems collectively and will do so more frequently in the future.

China is steadily climbing the GDP ladder. According to the CIA World Factbook they were number three on the list after the European Union and the United States. The Chinese of course have their sights on number one and it is possible. They too pose a threat to the United States in many ways, but for the near future their threat is resource based too. They want, need, the same resources our economy needs. The demand raises the prices hurting the United States, especially in our fragile economic state. More....
Is Wind And Solar Power The Answer : "Wasting Our Potential. "
Wind and solar power may be one solution to our energy dependence.

We are wasting our wind and solar energy.  These alternative energy sources are abundant and reliable, but we are wasting their potential.  It is estimated that by 2030 the energy produced from wind and solar will only account for 1% of the world’s total production.  In 2007, renewable energy usage by the United States only accounted for 7% of our total consumption (see chart). More....

Our Cost

$700 billion a year sent to foreign nations. Can we afford this?

The reserve is for governmental operations, not you.

These reserves are enough to satisfy our oil needs for decades to come.

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