$700 Billion Shopping Spree : What can we buy?
We export our wealth, weaken our economy and strengthen our enemies.


Ever wonder what $700 billion can buy?  Needless to say it can buy a lot, but for fun here are a couple examples of what “big-ticket” items can be bought with $700 billion.


Shopping List


We are giving foreign nations that much buying-power a year.  Is that scary?  Yes! 

It gives them the ability to build armies, navies, educate their people, build nuclear reactors and much more.  Considering a lot of this money is going to countries that really do not like us, we should all be scared.

Break our dependence.  Break it now.  No Excuses.

Show your support. Buy a bumper sticker. Let everyone know you are tired of sending America's wealth to foreign nations.


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