Wasting Our Potential?

We are wasting our wind and solar energy.  These alternative energy sources are abundant and reliable, but we are wasting their potential.  It is estimated that by 2030 the energy produced from wind and solar will only account for 1% of the world’s total production.  In 2007, renewable energy usage by the United States only accounted for 7% of our total consumption (see chart). This production level is truly unacceptable.  The United States cannot afford to waste our wind and solar potential.  We need to establish massive research and development projects that are geared solely to developing better technologies for harnessing wind and solar energy.  If the United States can leap ahead of other nations in developing efficient technologies in this area we will secure a bright economic future.

How can alternative energy create a new economy for the United States?

There are simple answers to this question and more complex ones.  One really simple answer is new jobs in America for Americans!  That is what is needed today.  Researchers, scientists, technicians, engineers, construction workers and many other professions would be called upon to not only develop the new technologies, but also to build, run and maintain it.  New jobs will be a direct product of breaking our dependence on foreign energy.

Another factor that will help build our new economy is the closing of the flood gates—we will keep the $700 billion we send to foreign nations every year.  Imagine the good that can be done by pumping $700 billion back into our own economy versus the economies of foreign energy providers. 

One last factor that we can mention briefly is the potential to sell our excess energy to foreign markets.  That’s right, sell energy to foreign markets.  Reverse the trend; make them dependent upon us and our technology.

Can we do it?
Come on.  We have split the atom and walked on the moon.  The United States has more potential than any other nation in the world.  We as Americans can do whatever needs to be done.  We need a repeat of the Space Race and the Manhattan Project.  We need effort from the government, private organizations and everyday citizens.  We can do it, together. 

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