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Cheap Laptops for Poor Countries

Posted in Education, International Relations by Administrator on the July 15th, 2007

The poor nations of the world are falling further and further behind everyday. The knowledge gap is huge. Creating a base portion of the population in a poor nation that was educated with the benefits of a computer may help, but it may also bring frustration and discontent. Knowing the benefits of technology but not being able to use it will be a harsh reality for many people. Most countries that could benefit from cheap

laptops may never be able to create the infrastructure required for realizing the true benefits of technology.

Free Resources for North Korea

Posted in International Relations, World Threats by Administrator on the July 15th, 2007

Once again North Korea is negotiating with the west and making deals to shut down reactors. Paying the regime to comply is a sound option for getting things done in the short term. However, will the cost pay off? Does the United States, who pays the major share of the ransom, get real benefits in the long run? Why are other countries not assisting in footing the bill? A nuclear North Korea is a scary thought for every country in the world–not just the United States. Every nation should throw money in the pot to buy this corrupt regime off. While they are complying now, give it a few months after the resources promised have been delivered, and you will find the North Koreans looking for ways to get more. In the end it may be worth paying off the criminal elite if it buys us time to prepare other options for dealing with a North Korean threat. The bottom line is we have to prepare other options–this new effort at compliance is just another pay check for the North

Korean elite. They will always want more.