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China’s impacts are measured in global terms–scary

Posted in International Relations, World Threats by Administrator on the August 23rd, 2007

Wow, China is non-stop, it just does not stop.  China missed the Industrial Revolution by a long shot, but it intends to have one of its very own and we face the brunt of the costs.  Sure we get cheap products, but we also get pollution drifting across the ocean and landing on our shores.  China is literally killing the planet one cheap product at a time.  We cannot hope to force a change in their practices if we continue to purchase products made in China.  However, we no longer have the industrial base to make the products ourselves so solutions are limited, to say the least.  Action must be taken to influence China towards curbing its pollution output and conforming to what the global community deems as acceptable behavior of industrialized nations.  What can be done to curb China, short of a full-scale military intervention? 

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