Interruptions can cost you time and money.

Interruptions are a normal part of a knowledge worker's day, but how much do they impact your organization? The calculator below can show you just how much interruptions are costing in total. It is up to you to decide what interruptions are warranted, and help in the execution of your organization's mission. The ones that don't assist you should be eliminated and that is where you realize savings.

Interruption Cost Calculator
How many Full-Time-Equivalent* employees are in your organization (knowledge workers or office workers)?

e.g., 120 (numbers only)
What is your average cost per hour for your employees (salary and benefits)?

*A Full-Time-Equivalent for this calculation is considered 2080 hours. This is the total time, in hours, an eight hour, five days a week employee would work in a year. If your organization has a lot of part-time employees add the total amount of hours they work in a year together and divide by 2080. This will be your Full-Time-Equivalent work years based upon hours worked. Add that number to the number of full-time employees you have and then enter in that number for this calculator.

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